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Soloist Brilliante Viola

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Soloist Brilliante Viola rosin: World-class Sound. Light/Dark cake for warmth or power. Boosts tone & response. All-Natural. Easy Apply.

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Soloist Brilliante Viola

The Soloist Brilliante Viola DARK rosin produces a slightly stickier feel and stronger, full-tone sound compared to the LIGHT one.

This rosin was created to efficiently deliver: medium-low, medium, mid-high & high wave frequencies, enabling a clear, luminous & bright and clear tone for lyrical and fast passages.

Rosin Features:

  • Enhanced Soloist Brilliante Viola Formula to deal even with the most challenging cold, hot and dry climates.
  • The Favourite Choice of Many Brilliant Artists is widely used by symphonic & chamber orchestra players and soloists, in large halls, outdoor concert venues.
  • Light & Dark Colour Recipe Options: Tailored sound (Light: more lyrical – silky & warm, Dark: more powerful – strong & full).
  • Improves Tonal Quality: Enhances instrument and bow characteristics for a wider dynamic range.
  • General Tone Characteristics: Provides a powerful, bright, velvety, silky, warm and clear sound
  • Precise Articulation: Enables sharp, effortless control for a clear and focused playing.
  • Balanced Performance for Every Musician: Provides the optimal ratio between traction, and grip for discerning players.
  • Moderate Dust & Reduced Side Noise, thus it improves playing experience with minimal dust formation, reduces A string whistle and background noise.
  • Suitable for Various Strings, therefore it highly improves the tonal qualities of steel, synthetic and gut core strings (e.g.: Thomastik, Pirastro, Larsen, Jargar, etc).
  • Only 100% Natural Ingredients are included in the recipe of the fully handmade rosin. More than 20 carefully sourced components are originating from more than 4 continents (South-America, Europe, Asia, Africa), free from chemicals.
  • Contains the Purest Organic Oils for an Ultimate Premium Formulation, in order to:
    • protect the musicians health
    • protect the instrument varnish from damaging
    • clean, condition and preserve the bow hair, greatly reducing rehairing frequency
    • provide a smooth bowing, easy articulation
    • create a more rich, sweet, silky and beautiful sound
  • Fast Response: Offers immediate bow response and quick break-in time.
  • Easy & Ergonomic Application: Rosin glued to lid, through a wooden disk for convenient use.


Technical Specification:

FeatureRating / Description
GripModerate (40%)
TractionHighest (85%)
Lyrical QualityThe Most Lyrical (100%)
Sound Projecting PowerStrongest (100%)
Dynamic RangeExtremely High (ppppp – fffff) (100%)
OvertonesModerate (85%) – with distinctive pitch
ArticulationStrong and Crisp (100%)
Climate CompatibilityHot, Cold, Humid
Rosin Line Specific PliabilityFirm (25%)
Powder ContentModerate (80%)



  • Grip: Strength of stickiness at the beginning of the note
  • Traction: Strength of stickiness during a sustained bowing
  • Lyrical Quality: How well the rosin performs in terms of singing quality, especially in medium-high and high registers
  • Sound Projecting Power: How far does the sound of the instrument can be projected due to its piercing, high volume nature.
  • Overtones: Density or richness of harmonic overtones
  • Articulation: The type or degree of clarity in the formation of clear and distinct sound in successive note production
  • Pliability: How soft, malleable or firm(hard) is the rosin in your hand


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