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World’s 1st 3-layer rosin. TRINITY Viola combines our top formulas – Soloist Brilliante, Dolce Vangelo, Grande Salvezza for personalized sound & response.

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Introducing the World’s First 3-Layered TRINITY VIOLA Rosin: Unleash Complex Sound with Unmatched Customization

Experience the ultimate in sonic possibilities and personalized playing with our revolutionary 3-layered TRINITY Viola rosin cake.

Trinity is an innovative rosin, that combines our three flagship formulas in a single cake, offering unparalleled control over your instrument’s sound and response.


  • Choose from three pre-set rosin formulations (pliability):
    • Medium,
    • Hard
    • Soft

The Layers of Your Sound:

  1. Hard Outer Layer “Soloist Brilliante”:
    • Light transparent rosin
    • Powerful, bright, clear, lyrical sound
  2. Semi-Soft Middle Layer “Dolce Vangelo”:
    • Amber rosin
    • Full, rich, luminous, warm sound
  3. Soft Inner Core Layer “Grande Salvezza”:
    • Dark red rosin
    • Smooth, round, complex, textured, clear, and deep sound

Additional TRINITY Viola Rosin Features:

  • Close to zero powder content for clean application and clear sound.
  • Enhanced rosin persistence on hair (3-7 days).
  • Superior bow hair protection, cleaning, and doubled lifespan – highly reduces rehairing frequency
  • Auto-adapts to your bow pressure, delivering strong to strongest articulation and crisp to crispest, round to roundest tones.
  • Moderate grip that adjusts with pressure (medium to high).
  • Moderate climate compatibility (performs well in a wider range of environments and climates).
  • Complex and rich overtones
  • Complex adaptive articulation structure from round to laser sharp, provided by the 3 layered rosin structure


  • Grip: Strength of stickiness at the beginning of the note
  • Traction: Strength of stickiness during a sustained bowing
  • Lyrical Quality: How well the rosin performs in terms of singing quality, especially in medium-high and high registers
  • Sound Projecting Power: How far does the sound of the instrument can be projected due to its piercing, high volume nature.
  • Overtones: Density or richness of harmonic overtones
  • Articulation: The type or degree of clarity in the formation of clear and distinct sound in successive note production
  • Pliability: How soft, malleable or firm(hard) is the rosin in your hand
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